Lights, Camera, Action… it’s showtime!  This fall, students will learn how to build a successful show from scratch!  When we watch a show, we usually only see the performers (dancers, singers, actors, etc.), but it takes a village to make the magic happen!  From costume designers and makeup artists, to stage managers and marketing/PR, students will learn about every component to crafting a show!  AND, for students in 3rd grade and older, each week we will bring in GUEST SPEAKERS at the height of their careers to inspire students about the awesome careers in the arts and beyond.  At the end of 12 weeks, students will have produced a digital show that will be screened for friends, family, and the community!

As DMF Youth continues to host FREE programs online, we’re excited to introduce this new theme for this semester’s curriculum. But the lessons at the core of DMF Youth will remain the same: our afterschool program inspires youth to dream big, discover new skills and develop confidence and self-esteem through dance, fitness, and arts education. Twice a week, students will dance it out to their favorite artists, learning many styles from hip-hop and jazz to salsa and swing.   DMF Youth teaches students valuable life skills through team building activities, theatre games, arts and crafts, and “power” discussions designed to help them tap into their ultimate potential. We are SO excited to dance, learn and create with our students and empower them to live healthy, happy, and successful lives.  Students will receive a customized  afterschool kit with all the materials needed to participate! 


Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-5pm (3-5th grade and 6-8th grade)  

Mondays and Wednesdays 3:30-5pm (1-2nd grade)

WHERE: Your house!


Email for registration packet or follow the link for your student’s age group:

1st-2nd Grade Student Application click HERE 

3rd-5th Grade Student Application click HERE

Middle School Student Application click HERE