Summer Camp at PS 2!

Aug 20, 2016

DMF Youth just wrapped up its second annual summer camp on the lower east side!

Twenty-five kids joined the fun, including five special education kids, and we boogied our way through our theme of “Be Kind, Be Brave, Be Awesome!”

We started the week off with the power of kindness, both to others and ourselves. We brainstormed ways to talk positively to ourselves when feeling frustrated or defeated. We crafted words we aspire to be. We learned that being kind and doing things for others actually makes US feel more awesome.

Being brave is hard sometimes. Throughout the week we learned about all different types of bravery– Being brave enough to try something new, to reach out when you need help, to step in and help someone in need, to not succumb to peer pressure. Our goal was to help the kids tap into their own unique talents, ideas and potential and by the end of the week, the kids were brave enough to perform for their peers and family. Our bravery theme helped us transition into goal setting. The kids learned about setting S.M.A.R.T goals (take a peek at the pictures to learn about the acronym) and that having goals gives them control over their lives. We learned that goals and dreams are not always easy and we have to be brave enough to keep going when struggles get in our way.

Through dance, movement games, music, crafts and more, we had an amazing week filled with lots of love, laughter, learning and mentorship.

Thank you all who sponsored a deserving kiddo!

P.S. 2

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