DMF Youth empowers underserved youth through dance, fitness & life skill development

We believe in educating the whole child

Physical · Mental · Emotional



Improved social skills and interpersonal behavior


Improved grades and work habits


Reduced misconduct and risky behavior


Increased self-esteem and confidence

Did you know?

Nearly half of all elementary school children are overweight according to The City of New York.

And the majority of NYC elementary schools fail to offer the required amount of Physical activity.

Did you know?

Children living in poverty are disadvantaged when it comes to developing essential cognitive skills such as attention, self-control, and memory.

Developing these skills is crucial for mental health, effective learning, and success.

Sponsor a Child

Equip underserved children with the tools they need to thrive.

We provide free high quality after-school and summer programming to underserved youth in New York City.

News & Events

Introducing: DMF Youth Online!

Introducing: DMF Youth Online!

Since schools in NYC closed about 2 months ago, DMF Youth sprung into action to move all of our programming online. When we made this shift, we decided to make some of our learning tools available to the public for free.  YouTube Mini Lessons Our team of teaching...

Mindfulness Amid the Crisis

Mindfulness Amid the Crisis

Everyday, we are waking up to more headlines and developments about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The spread of COVID-19 has disrupted life as we know it. At this moment of high anxiety and distress, it’s important to take time to care for yourself.   Mindfulness...

Sweat For a Cause with DMF Youth!

Sweat For a Cause with DMF Youth!

Join DMF Youth founder and veteran barre instructor, Lindi Duesenberg, for sculpt and sweat barre workout benefiting over 150 children attending our programs!  We promise you a workout filled with great music, motivation, and a killer burn, guaranteed to make you...

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